2015 Aug 13 — Windows, mounting, and final layout

DSC00066Lots of LO-CAMS activity over the past couple of weeks. After looking into a lot of different options for a window on the top of the camera enclosure  we eventually found a great solution in Pilkington OptiView glass. This is reinforced, UV blocking and highly anti-reflective. Thanks to Leif Ortegren at Pilkington for helping us find this solution.

We also starting looking in detail into options for mounting the camera boxes at our two sites: Lowell’s main campus in Flagstaff, and out at the site of our Discovery Channel Telescope. Our first station will be deployed on the main campus and it will go on top of the historic Slipher Building, pictured here with the official LO-CAMS mascot. We will likely construct a simple plywood platform for installing the first camera station.

Finally, our metal pegboard arrived which will sit in the box enclosure and serve as the mount plate for the cameras and electronics. This will allow us to assemble the first station into a final configuration.