2015 Sep 4 — Vibrations and lightning

We are working on some final design considerations to deal with two environmental factors: vibrations and potential lightning strikes. To reduce vibrations from wind and a nearby air conditioning unit we are considering placing vibration damping sandwich mounts between the camera mount plate and the enclosure.

Flagstaff sees a good amount of lightning storms, particularly this time of year as the monsoon climate is in full effect. With a metal enclosure, we want to make sure that a lightning strike does not fry our electronics, control computers, or the electrical network in the Slipher building. For the enclosure and electronics on the roof we are taking steps to ensure proper grounding. To protect our control computers, which will be conductively connected to the enclosure via data cables, we will install lightning surge suppressors on each of the RJ45 data cables. To protect the Slipher building in general we will run the power for our cameras through an isolation transformer. Fingers crossed that we don’t happen to run any real world lightning suppression tests.