The design and implementation of LO-CAMS is based upon the highly successful CAMS project. Several of the CAMS team members have been absolutely essential in helping LO-CAMS get started — most notably Peter Jenniskens, Jim Albers, David Samuels, Peter Gural and Jim Wray.
Locally development of LO-CAMS is being led by astronomer Nick Moskovitz, NAU graduate student Dan Avner, and software maestro Robert Schottland. A number of Lowell Observatory staff have also provided significant input: Ted Dunham, Bill DeGroff, Stephen Levine, Jeff Gehring, Dave Shuck, Mike Sweaton, Scott Do, and CJ von Buchwald-Wright.
We have partnered with a Flagstaff-based shop called Artisan Metal Works to build housing boxes for each of our camera stations. AMW specializes in water-tight welded aluminum boxes that will be perfect for protecting our cameras and electronics systems.
Support for LO-CAMS is provided by an Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral research Fellowship (AAPF) awarded to Nick Moskovitz and by Lowell Observatory.